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开幕式:2017.3.10  16:00
展览时间:2017.3.10-4.16, 9:30-18:00
学术支持:栗宪庭 TatyansStepanova
艺术评论:陈晓峰 顾耀峰 郭海平 黄药  李晓峰 杨卫 张长收 郑新安
The opening ceremony: 2017.3.10 16:00
Show time: 2017.3.10-4.16, 9:30-18:00
Exhibition address: cloud art center (xuhui district of Shanghai appropriate hill xi was packed international building materials brand center 3, 407)
Organizer: cloud gallery
Organizer: cloud art center
Curator: yellow jiing
Academic support: LiXianTing TatyansStepanova
Art criticism: xiao-feng Chen  Gu Yaofeng Hai-ping guo   huang medicine  Li xiaofeng   yang wei   Zhang long closed   Zheng Xinan
     2017年第57届威尼斯双年展确定主题是“艺术万岁”。中国有三百多位艺术家在云画廊的组织下,报名申请参展奥巴马基金会在第57届威尼斯双年展发起的“Arts forLife's Sake”艺术项目,作品意向认可约八十多位艺术家,策展人TatyanaStepanova罗列出三十多位中国艺术家作品可入选。云画廊为推动中国当代艺术的发展,为这批艺术家筹备2017威尼斯双年展“Arts for Life'sSake”中国当代艺术家入选&提名展。
    The 57th Venice biennale in 2017 theme is "long live art". China has more than three hundred artists under the organization of cloud gallery, exhibition application signing up Obama foundation "in the 57th session of the Venice biennale by Arts forLife 's Sake" art project, the work intention recognition about more than eighty artists, curators TatyanaStepanova lists more than 30 Chinese artists can be selected. Cloud in order to promote the development of Chinese contemporary art gallery, preparations for the 2017 Venice biennale for this batch of artists "Arts for Life 'sSake" Chinese contemporary artist & nomination exhibition.

"Space ink, ecological, blue misty"! Size (200 x100cm)! Material (paper, ink)! S (2016)
    Once upon a time, humans have art in the primitive society. "Gardner world art history", the author thinks that human is the first piece of art of ancient times a natural stone, the stone shape resembling a human face, then, was found to hominids to hold it back, people fear of this magic stone, cult, as treasures, and the stone go down in history, and is considered to be the human first a work of art.

   《空间水墨 •生态•金狗图》!尺寸(200 x100cm)!材质(宣纸水墨)!年代(2016年)
The ink painting space, ecological, gold dog figure! Size (200 x100cm)! Material (paper, ink)! S (2016)
    Art, starting from the primitive society is the way of human cognition to express the most instinctive, spontaneous with murals of record important events, express the affection of the sexes in music, dance, and the fear of the gods, create a primitive totem of a mysterious world heart of reverence, create a transcript perception of all things, ancient cave paintings; The royal palace, mausoleum; Shen tang temples, churches, god let modern people of ancient art to society... Moon and alternate, fast-forward, history of rotation in a circle and a circle, the art with technology, economy and civilization development along the way, historically, has become an indispensable part of human culture.

         《空间水墨 • 生态 • 粉 宝石 马》!尺寸(200 x100cm)
Jewel of ink painting space, ecological, powder "horse"! Size (200 x100cm)
    "Born to art" art, is a cultural initiative, to witness the art is an essential part of human nature, and points out the artist in a matter of fact are taking new social roles. Contemporary artists in their areas of interest not only personal point of view, interpretation, and through the art of communication influence thought and culture, provide a new human philosophy mode, life style and goals. Therefore, the focus is not art media, style, artistic trend or movement, even more is not the geographical background of culture and the artist. "Born to art" the theme is extraordinary, fantastic, from artists to explore personal analysis, by means of art, as an individual and the relationship between the artistic creation, with the creative process through communication, art is not the final goal, but they produce, become a kind of bearing to persuade, intervention, spreading, with language power tools, artwork is envisaged, artists convey information to the public of the infusion, and be magnified and spread, and is likely to become eternal in the human spirit world pioneer. "Born to art" is a dynamic process, through the artist "born to art" the vitality, creativity and explore the art of human in the process of formation of the impact of the implementation and effects.
    Cloud art center exhibition held in Shanghai, works contain narrative paintings, abstract painting, installation art, video art, the art symbol, the new contemporary ink painting and other art forms, the artists, from the perspective of human nature, social work from the artist is the result of life instinct creativity, imagination, expression, reaction in China at present, humanity, society's collective consciousness to artists and the art. Exhibition hall with the partition between white and dark grey hue, metaphor alternation of day and night, symbol of the time and forever. Work divided into sections according to the content, type of display, emphasize different between artists, works and combination form of dialogue relations and the expansion of the interpretation.

           《空间水墨 • 生态 • 蚂蚁搬  宝石图》!尺寸(90x100cm)
Jewel of ink space, ecological, ants move "figure"! Size (90 x100cm)

艾忠亮  翱紫 邴长钰 曹戈 陈栋    陈活活  陈剑锋 陈劼 成浦云 邓箭今  郭建伟 韩旭成  韩云 何伟  何汶玦  賀文斌 胡向东 胡又笨  江飞鸿  金禹男  李翔  林剑锋 林旭辉 刘宝林 刘道富  陆军+王尔健  倪卫华 钱十茁 庞少贤  冉启 泉斯源  孙宏伟 王承东 王凤霞  王勇 吴强 杨黎明 伊灵 乙默 郁涛  袁顺  张伦  张庭群 赵葆康  赵志旺  郑兰美  朱久洋 周相春
The list of the artists
Day everyone would fly YiZhongLiang purple BingChangYu Cao Ge Chen Dong Chen alive Chen Jianfeng Chen jieren ChengPuYun Deng Jianjin willian Han into Han Yun hessler He Men Jue He Wenbin Xiang-dong hu hu and stupid Jiang feihong Jin Yu male Li xiang Jian-feng Lin Xu-hui Lin Liu bao-lin + Wang Erjian Liu Daofu army NiWeiHua ten get money PangShaoXian RanQi fountain source Henry sun Cheng-dong wang Feng-xia wang Wang yong Wu Jiang Yang Liming ealing b YuTao Yuan Shun ays Zhang Tingqun Zhao Baokang Zhao Zhiwang Zheng Lan beauty Zhu Jiu ocean spring of phase
(artists sort by name pinyin)

Space ink, founder, yi mo
空间水墨·艺术 •论——乙默
Ink painting, theory of space - yi mo
     空间水墨 :是指在两维平面的材质上,运用水墨线条的五彩对比,呈现出三维立体空间的画面。同时,结合了立体构成元素!

         空间水墨 系列之《生态 •金马》尺寸(200 x100cm)!¥60000元人民币
Space of ink series "ecological, golden horse" size (200 x100cm)! RMB 60000 yuan
     即:具有东方水墨精神,又开启了世界新的绘画艺术语言——空间水墨。艺术构架的形成,彻底颠覆了传统水墨,千年以来平面表现的视觉形式!把中国水墨特有线条,以点、线 、面的抽象符号方式,立于空间!结合中国书法的运笔和韵律,渗透了中国传统水墨的浓、淡、干、湿、焦之五彩!呈现出独特的三维水墨——立体空间!同时,作品的主体,运用彩墨,融合了立体构成元素和当代观念,使画面既具有浓重的东方水墨韵味,又有西方形体表现的强烈视觉冲击力!把东方的水墨精神,注入形体艺术的躯体;浑然天成!创造出了独特的世界艺术新语境!

        空间水墨 系列之《生态 •蓝 鹿》尺寸(200 x100cm)!¥60000元人民币
Space of ink series "ecological, blue deer" size (200 x100cm)! RMB 60000 yuan
                  〖 乙默 于原始香庐 •2016.12.1.〗

             空间水墨 系列之《生态 • 金鹿》尺寸(200 x100cm)!¥60000元人民币
Space of ink series "ecological, deer" size (200 x100cm)! RMB 60000 yuan
      Space ink: refers to the material in two dimensional plane, use the color contrast of ink painting line, showing a three-dimensional space. At the same time, combined with three-dimensional elements!

        作品名:《空间水墨 • 生态 • 中国熊猫》!尺寸(200 x100cm)!¥60000元人民币
Name: "the space ink, ecology, Chinese panda! Size (200 x100cm)! RMB 60000 yuan
      Namely: with Oriental ink painting spirit, and opened up the new ink painting language - space. The art form of the architecture, completely subvert the traditional ink painting, graphic visual form since one thousand! The Chinese ink painting lines, unique in the abstract symbol dot, line and plane manner, in space! Combining with Chinese calligraphy calligraphy and rhythm, strong penetration of the traditional Chinese ink painting, pale, dry, wet, coke colorful! Present a unique three-dimensional ink - stereo space! At the same time, the main body of work, using colors, combined with three-dimensional construction elements and the contemporary concept, make picture ink painting with thick Oriental lasting appeal, already had a strong visual impact to western form performance again! The ink painting spirit of the east, into the art form's body; Like nature itself! To create a unique world art new context.

          空间水墨 系列之《生态 •蓝 鹿》尺寸(200 x100cm)!¥60000元人民币
Space of ink series "ecological, blue deer" size (200 x100cm)! RMB 60000 yuan

The art of life:not blindly the traditions of blind! Is constantly breaking and subversion of traditional painting idea.
Today's innovation is tomorrow's traditional! Space of ink painting, Chinese ink painting, in the global cultural development process, has its profound meaning! Wu stops, in ink! The universe is in ceaseless different space.

[yi mo  implied in the original sweet lu, 2016.12.1.]